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Taking picture of sunset



Thank you so much for your participation in our CGH Digital Photo Contest! 

We were amazed to receive over 300 entries!

The event was so popular that we decided to print and mat the photos and display them in the Spirit of the HeART hallway to share with our patients and visitors! (Please note that due to the volume, we will be rotating the display; if yours is not there now, it will be in the future.)

The judge had a very tough time choosing our winners!

All photos were judged anonymously

(no identifying information such as names/departments were given to the judge),

and here is the criteria that was used:


  • Subject Matter: How well the subject was defined with a minimum of distractions and clutter.

  • Framing: How well elements were positioned in the frame to direct attention to the subject.

  • Exposure: Was enough light available to adequately illuminate the subject and still have details in the darker areas. No lens issues such as flare, etc.

  • Focus: The subject must be in focus (especially the eyes) unless it is a purposely diffused picture.

Below please find the winners and honorable mentions in each category,
as well as scrolling galleries of all entries received! Enjoy!

Gallery of All Sunrise/Sunset/Horizon Entries

Gallery of All Animal Entries

Gallery of All Food Entries